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Do we accept other appliances?

Yes we do but if the appliances are more that 15 years old then you will have to pay $49 dollars. This fee picks up 2 appliances. If you have more than five appliances then we will have to give you a free estimate based on the condition of the appliances. Even though we accept all major appliances, there are some appliances the we charge extra in order to pick them up. For instances:

  •     If you have a subzero refrigerator, you will have to pay  $35 dollars in order to have it picked up.
  •     If you have just a dishwasher alone, you will have to pay $35 no matter how new it is.
  •     If you have just a water heater, then you will also have to pay $35 whether working or not.
  •     If you have a built in wall oven then you will also have to pay $35 for pickup no matter how new it is.
  •     If your appliances have excessive mold or putrid matter present then you will have to pay $49 dollars for pickup.

    All food and beverages must be removed from the refrigerator before we can it up. 

Although this helps, your appliances do not have to be cleaned up. As long as the left behind soil does not interfere with the haul away process.

Things to considered before pickup.

Please be sure that there is a clear path to and from the appliance before we arrive. Be sure that all clothing and important materials are removed form your dryer. If you washer has water in then please try to remove the water as best as  you can. A washer that is more that half full of water will not only be very difficult to remove but will also be a spill hazard when trying to remove it from your home or place of business. If you have a gas stove, please disconnect the gas line as we do not disconnect gas lines for liability reasons.


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Omaha Washer And Dryer Pickup Frequently Asked Questions

Do my appliances have to be clean?

Appliance Removal Services from Excel Moving Hauling Omaha

Washer & Dryers


Ton's Hauling Omahacan handle all of your washer and dryer removal needs. Whether they work or not, Ton's Hauling Omaha will remove your washer and dryer & we always have the best price in Omaha Nebraska!

Do you have an old washer and dryer that you need to get rid of? Do you just want to get upgrade but the old ones still work? Ton's Hauling Omaha can help. We take care of all your washer and dryer removal needs.

Ton's Hauling Omaha Junk Removal Crew doesn’t just chuck your washer and dryers into a landfill. No, we recycle or donate them in a responsible way. This way when you deal with Ton's Omaha Junk Removal you know that your items, like washers and dryers will find a good home.

There are tons of people out there who are in need of home appliances like these. If they work we donate them to non-profit organization in our community, that way your washer and dryer don’t go to waste.

Here Are Some Other Appliances We Take:

What if my washer dryer and appliances are upstairs or in basement?

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About Washer & Dryer Removal:

If you have washer dryer and appliances located upstairs or in the basement then you will have to pay $49 dollars per appliance in order to have them removed. The fee helps to cover the cost of strenuous labor and possible damage to your home or place of business. Please note that if your appliances are located in a difficult position the you may have to pay an additional fee as well.


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