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​​​​​​​​​​​Ton's Hauling was founded in Omaha, NE - 2018. We started by helping residents move from one home to the next. Most of our jobs came through craigslists posts offering moving services. We rented Uhauls to move people or helped them load and/or unload the trucks they rented. While helping people move, we found most people had trouble getting rid of old junk they didn't want to bring to their new home. And we didn't want to get in trouble by just throwing everything in an apartment dumpster either so we decided we'd offer a service for hauling away unwanted bulky household items most people without a truck couldn't manage. 

Ton started with a rusty pick up truck that he purchased for $500 that most people didn't think would make it out of their  driveway! But thanks to the support of the local community we have managed to acquire reliable trucks so we can better serve the needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves in being local, affordable and easy to work with. As an owner operated small business we do our very best to ensure your experience is a breeze!

​​​​I believe a company is only as good as it's people and it's culture (values). So we make it a point to only work with people of great character and ability. We value staying small and local because I believe doing so makes us much easier to work with. 


More importantly, we do our part to avoid waste. Being brought up from Vietnam, my parents scolded me for wasting anything! So with that attitude adjustment, we drop off what we can in-between stops to a charity or thrift shop. And with about 30 donation/thrift stores in the metro area avoiding waste is easy! 

Donating and recycling not only helps sustain the environment we all share, but it also reduces our costs at the recycling centers or landfills. Choosing us to be your preferred local hauler or mover will save your wallet, your back and the environment!

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our mission and our values

I'm (Ton) going to shift into first-person now and tell you how Ton's hauling went from good to great. But first, I want to mention I was an amateur mover at best. I had little experience and met no one who knew how to move like a pro. The qualities that kept me going as far as it did were my basic values of doing my best to make sure the customer was happy, showing up every day and hard work. But working smarter is the catalyst to a great company, and luckily, after hiring several amateur movers I met Dave which you'll see in a lot of our photos. 

Dave is a super mover! He's been a career mover for over 30 years assisting over-the-road drivers load and unload those 50' semi-truck trailers that move people across the states. Sitting down and working an office job would bore him, he'd much rather move and do macho things! And you can tell he loves moving cause he's laughing all day and having fun doing his job. He taught me and the team the tricks of the trade, how to properly move furniture and even recommended the best moving equipment to purchase so we could all get the job done safer, faster and much, much easier! (not easy to convince a first generation immigrant to pay more for quality equipment.)

What makes Dave special isn't just experience, it's the attention and care he has to make sure the moving process is done to a satisfactory level. In the beginning, I found this almost excruciatingly frustrating. I was used to cutting corners for the sake of expediency. Dave didn't let that slide even though I was his boss! He'll put pads down on your hardwood floors, stretch wrap items, he'll put two straps AND a load bar to secure the load and all other precautions to reduce any risks of damage to your belongings or property. 


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About the owner

Starting from scratch

^ 2018

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A look at some of the work we've done

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piano donation omaha
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furniture donation pick up
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Ton was born and raised in Omaha, NE. But if you're wondering where he's from, his parents moved to the states from Vietnam! He graduated from Millard North Highschool in 2013 and had no idea what to do after school (of course) so he took any job he could get.

After stumbling from one odd job to the next he got hired to create websites and add content for many small businesses such as; moving, cleaning, landscaping and all kinds of other service-oriented businesses. Upon this discovery and a little ingenuity, the rest is history. Ton set out to start his own little company to serve the Omaha community on his own terms. 

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