About our treadmill removal and exercise equipment pick up service

If you’re really serious about getting into shape then you need the right equipment. One or two pieces in your home aren’t going to cut it. Joining a gym also gets you out of the house. If you’ve spent all day at work or all day dealing with the kids then the last thing you want to do is be trapped inside working up a sweat. At the gym you’ll have room to move around and terrific people to talk with. It could just become the highlight of your day.

But what about all that home gym equipment? Three words: Excel Moving Hauling Omaha. They are the Omaha junk removal specialists who will make getting rid of that equipment a snap. They’ll also make sure it is properly disposed off. If there are parts that can be recycled then Excel will handle the assignment with the same level of professional care that they take with all their junk removal jobs. At this point, Excel Omaha has managed to divert over 65% of all the junk they collect away from the local landfills and towards the many recycling facilities around town. This makes them the perfect Omaha business.

Don’t wait for New Years to start a new workout regime. Get in shape and get rid of your junk today!

Treadmill Removal and Pickup Hauling $39

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Treadmill Haul off and Removal In Omaha NE

Has your treadmill run it's last course? Was that "ab master" maybe not the best buy you thought it was? Excel moving hauling Omaha is here for all your exercise equipment removal needs at a moments notice, and within minutes that space can be cleared out for something else!

We remove everything!
We do all the work!
We recycle and donate!
Free estimates!

How our Omaha treadmill and exercise equipment works!

Our Excel moving hauling Omaha professionals are skilled at large or small exercise equipment hauling! Our team comes to all appointments prepared with the Excel truck, ready to work. No need to worry about the weight or awkwardness of your item(s), we do all the lifting, loading and disposal for you - from anywhere in or around your house!

Pricing is based on the space taken up in our truck by your exercise equipment pickup. The volume of space is determined by our Excel team who will first give you a free quote. If you're happy with the price, the team will get at your exercise equipment removal right away!

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So you taught working out was a great idea and you bought your self a treadmill , but  you never used it and your still fat and overweight. Your treadmill has been sitting in the garage for years and now its broken and its no good to no one, its time to call Excel moving hauling Omaha we remove and haul off your unwanted treadmill for only $39!

Our crew is professional and fast give us a call to pickup and recycle your treadmill.

Exercise equipment is a common item that sits at a persons home for years after a while you get tired of seeing it and its time to go . Excel moving hauling Omaha remove and haul off many treadmill and gym items monthly.

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