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Have an old hand me down couch from the parents? How about a trusty sectional that’s made three moves with you over that last few years? I know, it’s hard to part ways; after all, it’s been there for you on those lazy Sundays when you needed an afternoon nap or served as the dog’s bed after the couch made it’s descent from the family room to the basement. There is one nice thing about saying goodbye to an old couch though; your house, apartment or condo will immediately smell and look better! When you need couch disposal in Omaha NE, there’s only one company who will get rid of your old couch and try to find it a new home before taking it to the disposal facility… Excel Junk Removal!

Rather than just discard your trusty old couch like a bag of trash on pick up day, we will instead do our best to donate it to a charitable organization. The win-win here is that you get rid of your old couch (and got someone to do the heavy lifting for you), and you might get a tax deductible receipt for donating your couch. How is that? If we are able to donate your couch, rather than have to dispose of it, then we will send YOU back the tax deductible receipt so that YOU get credit for it come tax season, win-win!

However, if the couch is in such disrepair that not even a charitable outlet will take a chance on it, then we will more than likely have to dispose of the sofa. It’s not all bad though; when you call Excel Junk Removal for couch disposal in Omaha NE, you’ll get uniformed professionals that provide a friendly solution to junk removal. We take care of the heavy lifting and then shake hands, leaving you with a magnet to remember us by and that you can use to hang the pizza coupons. Again, it’s a win-win!
Call 402 810 6319 for couch disposal in Omaha NE; you can also email  – Hope we get to meet you soon! If you need dumpster rental, check out our dumpster rental company, Excel Dumpster.

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