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Even though something like an old computer monitor or printer is perfectly safe in your home, it is when it is dumped in a landfill that trouble can start. That is when it starts to rust or get broken. When that happens, harmful toxins can be released into the soil and air. That’s not good for anybody. To prevent that from happening, e-waste needs to be carefully taken apart and all those components repurposed in a responsible manner.

Excel Moving Hauling Omaha has identified all the certified e-waste recycling facilities in the area. When they’ve collected enough e-waste items to justify a drop off, they’ll make sure it happens. That is all part of the
complete junk removal service offered by Excel Moving Hauling Omaha.

Although you might initially call Excel Moving Hauling Omaha to remove your e-waste, you certainly don’t have to stop there. That same truck and crew can be used to haul away all kinds of stuff that is cluttering up your home. Maybe you’ve turned a spare room into a storage locker. Wouldn’t it be great to use that space for a home office or guest room? That can happen after a single junk removal appointment with Excel Moving Hauling Omaha.

The really good news is that hiring Excel Moving Hauling Omaha is extremely affordable. If you tried to do this kind of job on your own, it would cost a lot. Between the truck rental, hiring the crew and giving up your time it’s just not worth it. But with Excel Moving Hauling Omaha on the job, you’ll only pay a flat fee based on volume. You’ll know that price before the work starts and it won’t change. Take care of your old computer monitor disposal and complete junk removal with one call to Excel Moving Hauling Omaha.

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, then nothing beats an upgrade. Whether you use that computer for business, social media or gaming, you want to stay on top of the technology. This could mean that over the years you’ve collected a lot of computer “dinosaurs.” This would be all the old computer equipment you’ve got stacked up in your closet, basement or corner of the living room. If you’re not longer going to use that stuff, then there is no reason why you should be holding onto it. Instead, turn it over to Excel Moving Hauling Omaha. They’ll know how to dispose of it in a way that is very good for our environment.

E-Waste Removal & Recycling Services

Excel Moving Hauling Omaha Junk Removal understands the ways the modern world works. We know the obsession America has with the latest and greatest – especially when talking about technology. While that societal need for the newest gadget is great for manufacturers of those products, it is a very real blow to the environmental movement. Why? Because most technological innovation comes with a toxic price tag that the Earth has to pay, that’s why.

Here’s a short list of the commonly disposed of e-waste we encounter:PCs, Laptops, Tablets, PDAs, Stereos, Radios, CBs, Servers, Copiers, Cell Phones, Printers,
Televisions, Video Game Systems, Apple Products, MP3 Players, Answering Machines, Shredders, Faxes, VCRs, DVD Players, ATMs

Computer Removal & Recycling

One of the constants of modern life is the replacement of necessary technological tools and accessories. Computer monitors fit this mold exactly. Each monitor contains several pounds of lead while the circuit boards inside contain cadmium and mercury – both terribly toxic to the environment. This waste material can quickly add up in even a modest home, and should be disposed of properly before the situation gets out of hand. This is especially true in offices where large numbers of monitors and computers are replaced simultaneously. Excel Moving Hauling Omaha Junk Removal can help you stay on the right side of the dumping law and the current trend toward “green” thinking. It’s important to note that Excel Moving Hauling Omaha Junk Removal will always go out of our way to ensure that all the items we collect are reused if possible, and recycled if not. Our commitment to Omaha Council Bluff NE and the environment means we take e-waste disposal very, very seriously – and hope that you do too! Call our skilled team at 402-810-6319 today to chat with our staff about a solution to your growing e-waste issue.

How Much Does Monitor Removal Or Recycling Cost In Omaha NE? Omaha Monitor Recycling Prices In 2017 – 2019! Free Estimates For Monitor Pick Up!

Need to get rid of your old monitor responsibly and monitor recycling? Take care of your old computer monitor disposal and complete junk removal with one call to Excel Moving Hauling Omaha 402-810-6319. Excel Moving Hauling Omaha Junk Removal is proud to offer monitor, computer, printer, E-Waste Collection Bins for your business, office, or school to assist you with disposal of all your electronics.


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