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Save yourself the physical and mental stress of moving items within a home by calling Ton's Hauling for in home moving services.

We offer
professional In Home moving services at affordable prices. Our staff is well trained and experienced giving you peace of mind that your furniture and appliances are in good hands.


Why People Call Ton's Hauling for In Home moving services:

  • Rearrange furniture or move appliances
  • Store items in another part of home during a remodel
  • Clear space for a special event or party
  • Stage home for sale
  • Move large and/or heavy items within home (treadmills, pianos, and safes)

Contact us today and let
Ton's Hauling take care of your in home move.

How much does in home furniture arrangement and appliance moving cost?

Excel Moving & Hauling Omaha charges only labor hour which is $80 hour for two movers. Driving distance can change this cost. On average we charge $80 for in home furniture arrangement and appliance moving service within 15 miles or our office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included with this service?

One hour of rearranging or moving your stuff
Lifting and re-positioning of furniture or appliances

Why should I hire a pro to do the heavy lifting?

Rearranging your room? If you need to move a piece of furniture, appliance, or other heavy object, it can be faster and safer--and easier on your back!--to hire a pro instead of doing it yourself.

What if I need more than one hour of help?

Your professional movers will stay and finish the job and charge accordingly. All of our service pros have been handpicked and are required to be business background-checked and licensed where applicable. Additionally, we require any pros traveling to your home or interacting with you in a one-on-one setting to be personally background-checked.

I need help moving heavy furniture inside my house. Who does this?