Most people who start the search for hoarding cleanup companies may find that junk haulers or crime scene cleanup companies do hoarding cleaning services but they would do a disfavor by hiring one of those companies as they won’t care for the hoarder as much as a company like Ton's Haulers who deal with hoarders and care about the emotional aspect of the cleanup.

The typical cost can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands and depends on if there is
feces or bodily fluids in the home. How high is the clutter? Do they have animals? Often times the hoarder will have a pet or two and the animals will urinate in the home and with cats the urine will contaminate and potential harm the hoarders health. These are a few factors which can drastically change the price of a hoarding cleanup.

A typical home which is filled fairly high could be $5,000 or a small apartment could be $1,500 which would widely depend on that person’s situation. Any company that promotes or does over the phone estimates can not accurately price a home and you should question a company that would do that. Now it’s not to say they can provide a price range to give you an approximate hoarding cleanup cost but when given an exact price it should be done in person. Some exceptions can be by sending in pictures of the home to obtain a price for the cleanup. This can be done in certain cases because a close estimate can be created by images of your home.

Make sure that the company you hire has good reviews from past customers. Also, read the reviews of a hoarding cleanup company before hiring one. The BBB has a rating which should be checked out as well. Costs vary for hoarding cleanup for a reason, the insurance to protect the workers and the training involved are two reasons which could drive the cost higher. Training a person to understand how the hoarder thinks and to understand a situation is important. Junk haulers could be very detrimental to a hoarding cleanup because they don’t take the emotions or feelings of the hoarder into consideration as well as treat the items with care because the purpose is to throw everything away.

Another major aspect that most people over look is the after clean out. When removing all the items, a true hoarding company will spot clean the home and provide air filtration units to make sure the air is breathable and the environment is healthy for the hoarder to live in after a clean out. The cost of this should be included in your estimate and is another reason for a higher cost over a junk removal company.

These are a few things that have an affect on the cost of a hoarding cleanup project, most projects are unique and each project Excel is taken seriously. The company tries to find a specialist who will match with the hoarder and help them along in the cleanup process.

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Hoarding cleanup costs can vary widely depending on what the customer wants, how much cleanup is needed, what type of items or materials need to be cleaned up and how long the process will take.

Ton's Hauling in Omaha gives quotes by the hour and the dump or disposal fees for Hoarding removal jobs.

$60/hr for two guys, and $60 per load to dispose of. Ask us how long you think it would take us to help you with your household waste removal.