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Once the baby grand piano is tipped on its side, we remove the legs

Next we tip one side up and place a 4-wheel dolly underneath the piano making sure it is centered with the weight and strapped down. 

Thank God for ramps! we are able to easily roll down the piano two steps from the porch, make a turn and go down one last step to the driveway.

Now they're ready to make it out the front door and down a couple sets of stairs. 

Finally, the last steps we have is to push it up our trailer, pull the dolly out from underneath, strap it down and haul it off!

Call us for an estimate for your piano removal: 402-810-6319

May 10th 2021,

Here, we have a couple of our movers taking the first steps to remove a baby grand piano from our client's home. We start by removing the top cover to reduce the weight, then proceed to remove the screws for the pedals. Once that is done, we place a moving pad on the floor to protect your hardwood floors before tipping the piano over.

As you can see, with the proper equipment and preparation, Ton's hauling provides a service that will pick up, remove and haul away your baby grand piano without damaging your floors or your home in anyway. We can move baby grand pianos from inside your home to our truck with three guys easily! Call us at 402-810-6319 for an estimate!

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