Size of Truck to rent? 

When renting a truck always go with more truck than you think you need.  The cost differential between a 15' and 26' truck at U Haul for example is $10, and the cost to operate them is virtually identical.  However most of our customers underestimate how much property they actually have, so when it comes time to load the truck, we often find that our customer has obtained not enough vehicle.  This results in our crews spending more time loading and stacking the truck than necessary, driving the hourly labor cost up significantly.  The more quickly the crew can move on and off the truck, the more smoothly and less costly the move becomes.

Unwanted items - donate!

Prior to move day go through all your property and dispose of, or donate all your unwanted items.  Too often our customers spend money moving items that they will eventually get rid of at their new location.  Most people think of their property as the furniture inside their residence, and they forget about all the stuff they've accumulated.  It takes the same amount of time to load an armful of stuff as it does to load a piece of furniture, and all those miscellaneous items can add up and sometimes as much as double the amount of time it takes to load and unload a truck, driving the overall cost of the move up.  There are many organizations which will gladly come to your home and retrieve your unwanted belongings, like the Salvation Army for example. The key is to do it before you move, not after.

Optimal number of crew - Two movers!

When considering a do-it-your-self move, consider a three or four man crew instead of a two man crew. What takes two men 4 hours to accomplish, a three man crew can do in 2.5 hours, and a four man crew can do in 2 hours or less. The crew can work more efficiently on multiple tasks from preparation, loading, and stacking with no man idle. Although the hourly labor rate is higher for a larger crew the team will finish their work more quickly saving you money on the total cost of the move.

Professional Movers of Omaha - Moving Tips for Omaha Residents


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