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Anyone having an unwanted large exercise machine, such as a treadmill , can take up a lot of space and be a huge problem, especially if its been worn, rusty, broken, and seen better days. If you purchased a new replacement treadmill or simply don't want to use your old one anymore, you will need to dispose of your treadmill properly. Throwing it away at a junkyard or dump-site is the most obvious choice, but there are plenty of other options to choose from which far more environmentally friendly and can be rewarding too.

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Treadmill Haul off and Removal

In Omaha NE

Exercise Items Removal and Pickup Junk Omaha

So you taught working out was a great idea and you bought your self a treadmill , but  you never used it and your still fat and overweight. Your treadmill has been sitting in the garage for years and now its broken and its no good to no one, its time to call the Excel treadmill removal!  we remove and haul off your unwanted treadmill as low as $30.

Our crew is professional and fast give us a call to pickup and recycle your treadmill .

Exercise equipment is a common item that sits at a persons home for years after a while you get tired of seeing it and its time to go . The Excel remove and haul off many treadmill and gym items monthly.

    1.Ask a friend

    2.Donate the item to a gym

    3.Post it on Craigslist (good luck)

    4.Go to

Gym Equipment Removal and Pickup Junk Omaha

We recycle and donate most gym equipment and exercise items that we remove , most of these items are made of metal and steel and are highly productive when you recycle them . Our crew after will take any metal gym items and try to donate them before we actually take them to the recycling center.

So if your tired of seeing your treadmill in the garage and frustrated you cant fit your car in its parking spot call the Excel  and we will remove and haul off your exercise equipment.

  • Exercise Items Cleaned Out
  • Exercise Items Debris Removal
  • Exercise Items Trashed Recycling
  • Exercise Items Junky Hauling
  • Exercise Items Shit Crap
  • Exercise Items Hauling & Moving
  • Exercise Items Out Cleanup
  • Exercise Items Hoarder Disposal
  • Exercise Items Disconnection

Treadmill Removal and Pickup Hauling