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Removing a Pipe Organfrom a home or a business can be stressful. Not only can it be heavy but the disposal can be hard as well. Leaving it on the curb for the garbage man might be a good idea, but only if they actually take it. Excel Moving Hauling Omaha 402-810-6319 junk removal can help you get rid of your old and heavy Pipe Organ as well as disposing of it properly. Call now for a free onsite estimate. Just one call can clear it all! Excel Moving Hauling Omaha 402-810-6319 Pipe Organ Removal! Call us for piano removal, pipe organ disposal, heavy instrument removal, piano moving and junk removal & recycling.

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That old Pipe Organ can eventually become an eye sore or occupy valuable space from your home or place of business. Especially if it is not in use any more or if it is damaged and just sitting and collecting dust. Dont pull a muscle or pinch a nerve trying to remove your pipe organ, piano or pool table yourself. Excel Moving Hauling Omaha 402-810-6319 Junk Removal Professional can do it all for you. We can move, remove, haul and dispose of your heavy Pipe Organ safely and with ease. You can rest assure we will get rid of that old and heavy Pipe Organ without damaging or causing any harm to your home or your back.

Pipe Organ:

The pipe organ is a musical instrument that produces sound by driving pressurized air (called wind) through organ pipes selected via a keyboard. Because each pipe produces a single pitch, the pipes are provided in sets called ranks, each of which has a common timbre and volume throughout the keyboard compass. Most organs have multiple ranks of pipes of differing timbre, pitch, and volume that the player can employ singly or in combination through the use of controls called stops.

A pipe organ has one or more keyboards (called manuals) played by the hands, and a pedalboard played by the feet; each keyboard has its own group of stops. The keyboard(s), pedalboard, and stops are housed in the organ's console. The organ's continuous supply of wind allows it to sustain notes for as long as the corresponding keys are pressed, unlike the piano and harpsichord whose sound begins to dissipate immediately after it is played. The smallest portable pipe organs may have only one or two dozen pipes and one manual; the largest may have over 20,000 pipes and seven manuals.

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