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$40 each bedroom or living room

$60 full bathroom

$75 kitchen

or  $0.30 per sqft

We clean whole apartment top to bottom inside outside and organize.

Omaha house & Apartment Cleaning Service

Remember the last time you got your house or apartment really clean, like for a special occasion?  Remember how good it felt? Maybe you even vowed to keep it that way.

Everyone puts some resources into keeping their apartment clean. Whether you spend hundreds of dollars a month on professional cleaning services or struggle to pay for soap, you're going to have to shell out cash, time, and effort to have a healthy, clean, happy place to live.

For some people, having their apartment cleaned by a professional seems like an unthinkable luxury. To others it's just part of the cost of running their household, like paying the electric bill.

We will clean your house or apartment in one day, we will make a thorough cleaning of all your home, or only the spaces, furniture and furnishings of your home that you tell us to do, for example only the kitchen or bathrooms.

We use a method perfected after hundreds of homes cleaned, which includes orderly and sequential residential cleaning from the ceiling to the floor, through cabinets, appliances, walls, windows, blinds, baseboards, light points ...

residential Cleaning Cost - Omaha

house & Apartment residential Cleaning Service Omaha