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Moving somewhere? Our Excel Moving and Hauling Omaha crew are here to help you move to your new home or office.

Pack for a Move

We'll get things carefully packed for your upcoming move.

Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking On Demand

Heavy Lifting

Need to move something bulky or heavy? Professional Excel Moving and Hauling Omaha crew are up to the challenge.

Rearrange Furniture

We can help you shift furniture across the room until everything is positioned to perfection.

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Hire some muscles to help you remove pieces of furniture from your home.

Assemble Furniture

Have a new desk or bookcase to put together? Excel Moving and Hauling Omaha can assemble any of your furniture - quickly and professionally.

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We can move pieces of furniture to any level of your home. Stash your couch in the basement and move the armchair to the sun-porch!

Furniture Shopping & Assembly

We'll pick up, deliver, and assemble any furniture you need.

TV Mounting

We can properly mount your TV on the wall and leave you happily clicking the remote.

Deep Clean

We can deep clean your new home or restore your old space back to tip-top shape.

Drop Off Donations

Have a bunch of items that you'd like to donate to charity? We can make the drop off for you.

Remove Heavy Furniture

We can take away heavy or bulky items and drop off at donation centers across town.

Deliver Big Piece of Furniture

Need to get a couch across town? Picking up a mattress from a friend? We can deliver large pieces of furniture.

Omaha is a magnet for all kinds of people.  As of 2016, Omaha Council Bluff Metro area housed nearly 1.5 million aspiring residents, artists, singers, actors, business tycoons and entrepreneurs.  If you will soon be among their number, you should learn some basic realities about the city before you move. It will save you headaches later. Even if you’re just moving from one Omaha apartment to another, it won’t hurt to review your furniture moving plan. You do have a plan– don’t you?

Moving, like a lot of other things in Omaha, requires advance planning. Omaha city is justly famous for impossible parking, cramped stairways, limited elevators, and fierce competition for rental units. Even when you do get an apartment, many are so tiny that in other cities, they’d be considered little more than walk-in closets.  Start prioritizing now, because you’re probably not going to have room for all your furniture. And the furniture that you do take will probably have to make it through a terrifying obstacle course of steep, narrow stairs, cramped elevators, and tiny halls. Since you’ll only be moving your best pieces, you should plan ahead to ensure that they arrive at your new digs in one piece.

Ironically, the best way to safely move furniture is to let someone take it apart.  A furniture disassembly service in Omaha can turn what would have been a nightmare move into a relatively easy transfer. A furniture pro can disassemble your antique sideboard, box it up, and carry it easily to your new, fifth-floor apartment.  Then he will reassemble it so that no one will ever know it was taken apart. Contrast that with the back strain, annoyance and expense of lugging that sideboard up yourself, begging your friends to carry it up for you, or hiring strong backs to do it. Now multiply that trouble and expense by all the other heavy objects you may want to move: beds, desks, bookcases and couches. Thank heaven for sofa disassembly services!

Once you’re settled in, the benefits of a disassembly service will be clear. You saved money, because you didn’t need to rent a huge truck to move your things. You’re still on good terms with your friends, because they didn’t hurt themselves trying to get your wall unit through a doorway that was too narrow. The bed disassembly service ensured that your expensive Cherrywood sleigh bed came up the elevator without a scratch. Your furniture doesn’t need reupholstery after the move; even your favorite overstuffed chair arrived without a single rip. And your new neighbors don’t hate you, because your bulky furniture move didn’t trap them in their apartments for an hour.

Moving is hard work, and moving to Omaha City is especially challenging. Why not make your move as easy and stress-free as possible? A furniture disassembly/reassembly service can take the hassle out of moving, so you can move on to more important things – like enjoying your new life in the most exciting city!

Omaha Furniture Disassembly & Moving

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