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Home Furniture Assembly, Disassembly, and Installation Services

Furniture Assembly and Disassembly in omaha, Ne

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If You’re Moving To/From/Within Omaha Nebraska, we Assemble and Disassemble All Home and Office Furniture, Call Us Anytime! 

The importance of furniture assembly and furniture disassembly is one of great concern for Excel Moving & Hauling Omaha whether it’s a commercial or residential move. The number one priority for us is our customers and we take pride in our exceptional, friendly customer service provided in Omaha, Nebraska and the surrounding areas. Choosing local movers you can trust is imperative whether we are needed for residential moves or moving your office out of state.

Our Specialty, Your Furniture Needs
If you are not familiar with this service, you might ask yourself exactly what is furniture assembly and disassembly? Our movers and packers will assemble and disassemble your furniture at your home or office, if  requested. We can either disassemble your furniture at your old location, pack it for you, and move it, or we can pack the already disassembled furniture, and assemble and organize/install the furniture for you at your new location.

There are several examples of what is included in our furniture assembly and disassembly service: beds, tables, desks, lamps, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets, couches, futons, as well as chest of drawers to mention just a few items.

Office Furniture Assembly, Disassembly, and Installation Services

For office moving, our furniture assembly, disassembly, and installation services include office furniture such as: cubicles, office chairs, machinery, and additional furnishings in the office.

Packing Materials and Necessary Supplies are Important
When packing your disassembled furniture,  we are extremely cautious with your treasured, fragile items. They are meticulously handled with special care with the necessary padding and support needed for each piece to prevent any damage. We even supply tailored packing supplies for any uncommon shape or flimsy object. By taking these extra precautions, scratches, dents and other damage to your beloved belongings are prevented.